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Rebeka Põldsam

Curating Untold Stories

with Airi Triisberg

The presentation will address the notion of queer, reflecting on some of the dilemmas and challenges that the curatorial team faced while working on the exhibition Untold Stories. What does it mean to work with this term in the particular context of Tallinn and Estonia – a context in which a theoretical and activist framework that is historically coupled with the queer movement is largely absent? How can the notion of queer be applied as a tool in the process of producing an exhibition? What does queer mean in the context of exhibition practice and how does it relate to feminist curating?

Rebeka Põldsam is a third-year art history student at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Her main research interests are in feminist and queer theory intersecting with art and art writing. She also writes art criticism for various Estonian art publications. She has initiated and co-curated the exhibition Untold Stories (2011) at Tallinn Art Hall.